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W&W Trading and Consulting Ltd is an international trading company based at the Ingenuity Lab in Nottingham, having recently expanded operations in China with a new office in Shenzhen. We provide tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients to deliver outstanding results.

At W&W Trading and Consulting we believe in facilitating the growth of our clients through working with them on sourcing, distribution, and marketing, to reach a wider audience and maximise business. We provide services for both small and big brands, and have seen exceptional success relating to food and drink products, having worked with brands such as Tresors, Ultra Ice Tea, Suthera, Shore, and La Santa Maria. We aim to help our clients to increase their brand awareness, customer base, sales, and to enter international markets.

We are committed to the acceleration of international trade, through providing various combinations of services to help our clients set up cross-border trading channels and confidently expand their strategy. We commit ourselves to setting up trade bridges across borders and around the whole globe.
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